by J'Sean

Suicidal thoughts penetrate my dreams
Depression is what it seems
Trapped in my subconscious mind
Leaving the joy far behind

I've never felt so alone
All my thoughts begin to drone
Into what seems like years
I feel the end as it nears

The thoughts of you smother me
Teasing me with what cannot be
The love and the joy that I once had
Is now just replaced with the sad

Wanting and begging for something more
But nothing seems to be in store
I want you back can't you see
Because you meant so much to me

Every time I see you
I can’t describe what I feel
I just want to get closer to you
And tell you how I still feel

But no longer are you my Boo
Because of this I don't know what to do
losing you has destroyed me
And is the end of what used to be

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