by (DAMO!)

Women use the “Silent Treatment” as a strategy
When men transgress,
no matter how trivial it might be
The following is an example, a scenario
Typical of how these situations go.

What have I said?
What have I done!
Don’t wreck my head,
Tell me please hon.

Was it that bad?
How could it be?
You will drive me mad
If you don’t speak to me!!

Was I so wrong?
What did I say?
This is going on too long
Is this it for the day?

It’s like a bad dream
This can't be right
Why don’t you scream
if you want to fight?

Are you so sick?
Or are you insane?
Does it give you a kick
To see me in pain?

I’m losing my patience
I’m not getting through
Would you please see some sense
And tell me WHAT DID I DO???

This is getting us nowhere
Can you stop messing around
You are just not playing fair
With this picture without sound

Right I’ve had enough
I’m not taking this anymore
You’re not speaking? TOUGH
I’m walking out that door.

Well I really don’t know
I’m away on the beer
Unless you can show
That you want me here

God! Did you speak?
Blow me down dead
Your voice was so weak
What was it you said?

Why are you glaring?
Are you out of your tree?
Why are you staring
Like you could kill me?

Have you nothing to say?
Why do you shake?
Do you want me to stay
Or was it my mistake?

Right! I’m away out!
This is a joke.
You should spit it out
Before you choke

Did you say don’t go?
Speak again fast
Are you in there Hello!
Time is getting past.

Oh no! Not a tear!
Baby please don’t.
You don’t have to fear
I won’t go so I won’t!

Is that all it was?
Oh It’s OK honey
I’m only laughing because
You must see it’s funny.

You don’t have to cry
You don’t have to worry
Though I’m still not sure why
I am really sorry.

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Mar 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

It always ends in tears .. really enjoyed the poem. Post more please

Feb 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

Damo - absolutely brilliant, love it.

Feb 05, 2013
This made me laugh out loud !
by: Anonymous

Love this - it actually made me laugh while having my cuppa this afternoon

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