Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs, from a religious standpoint, are revered by Christians everywhere as a symbol of resurrection.  They are also a traditional rite of spring, celebrating a time of renewal and hope.

Different faith and cultural traditions imbue them with their own meanings. For example, in many central European countries they have come to represent new life. These nations in particular have developed distinctive decorative techniques, and adorn the eggs with intricate patterns and brilliant colors. In other traditions they are given to others as a token of friendship.

What is common to many cultures is their central role in holiday festivities. They are rolled down hills or pushed along flat ground with a spoon. They are hidden from children who are then asked to hunt for as many of them as they can find.

And of course, coloring the shells is something all kids enjoy.

We hope you enjoy our collection of poems dedicated to these wonderful spherical ellipsoids (yes, we did write that!).

No matter how you celebrate the holiday, we wish you a meaningful, reflective and joyous time.

Something New

They signify the start 
of something new.
A rebirth and a second chance
for me and you and you
Where the past is past and sins forgotten
and a bright future is in view.
A time for change, a time for change
There is so much to do
So gather the eggs one by one
And paint them all
And have some fun!


They’ve held a place in many traditions
Now they are central for all Christians
As a symbol of the resurrection
a brand new start and a time for reflection
They are imbued with religious imagery,
But mean different things to you and me
They are intricately patterned and wonderfully designed
With colors and symbols well defined
But one thing is certain, one thing is true
They are loved by children through and through

The Hunt

Oh how adults love to hide them all
These colorful eggs, both big and small
We search for them like a New York detective
To find each one is our objective

Where oh where can they be?

They are hidden well
We are perplexed
This hunt is swell
Now don't get vexed!

At last we’ve found them
They could not hide
We gather them up
And beam with pride

Many a Hue

I must admit, I’m not one for choice
This is a problem that I must voice
My difficulty arises at the start of spring
When coloring Easter Eggs is just the thing
So many shades to choose from, 
my head does spin
Oh what a quandary I am in!
Do I color them green, with a touch of blue?
Or stick with grey
So tried and true
Jazzberry Jam or Wild Blue Yonder
So many colors for me to ponder.
Perhaps I’ll find a chicken or two
That can lay colored eggs
In many a hue

So Many Traditions

At the start they were always painted or dyed
But different approaches have now been tried
Oh we still love our hand colored versions
But some yummy additions have made their incursions
The chocolate offerings are so delicious
Some people would say they are even nutritious!
And don’t forget the egg in a hard plastic shell
It is filled with jelly beans and tastes really swell
Some people scoff at the pre-colored editions
They feel they are inimical to time-honored traditions
I say bring them out whichever way you would
And remember there is NOT just one way you should

Poetry by Alan Loren

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