Echoes of a Banana Song

by Leonard Masauli
(Central Africa-Malawi)

After this poem is read, it will be rewritten,
Copied, and distributed,
While this poem will make others think, laugh and critique
Philosophers will be busy regurgitating its meaning
It will make the patriots remember and regret,
The lost potentials, opportunities and treasures un-utilized
This poem is about children walking long distances to school
Crossing on muddy and unabridged rivers,
Under a tree a classroom so complete
Towards their destiny uncertain
It’s about the rich victimizing the poor,

While Politicians feel it’s about politics, lovers,
Will live to-reflect- imitate the lines and stanzas
Recalling the wasted years of inconvenience marriage
And the 51 year-old-senior-citizen
Shall see the importance of the poverty redeem
In the unity of solidarity as children of Nyasaland
While Christians would think it’s about religion,
Atheists will question its originality
While some folks will try to imagine the lost time
But this poem will make readers realize it's time,
To let go of the tribalism, regionalism, federalism
As the sympathizers are now bystanders,
Awaiting for a gunshot in the chest
From the echoes of a banana song
Then this poem is going to be written
Because this poem is about everyone…

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