Eden Liat Harris – born December 22nd 1996

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, penna.)

who called for stork delivery?

who called for stork delivery?

Eden Liat Harris – born December 22nd 1996

never could this baby boomer papa –

lviii orbitz round mister sun as I write while wife

at present (takes her siesta) imagine

dragons, killer Queen Latifah countless ways,

thee first of deux daughters

would in vite learning how to comprehend

unfamiliar infant siren ear splitting strife

and mandatory pronto reception,

unwittingly ineluctably altering my life

prior to parturition of our eldest heiress, ah wanna let

chew in on a bit about mess elf before becoming a papa

no emotional, financial,

nor physical obligation dim manned did

obliged, nor required this bard arse to in debt

any of his waking and sleeping second, minute, quotidian hour,

et cetera on behalf of another person Yukon bet

char sweet bippy, that despite initial onset of anticipatory anxiety (no pet

tee personal issue; burping baby,

diapering, swaddling, et cetera fermi person

easily got shucked off), hitherto didst any phenomena until then

force displacement of personal habits

to become secondary, and obviously, seriously visibly up set

status quo, where embedded fixations housed within this scribe

required reassignment of tasks until salient event forced him to vet

any less important issues to an unspecified future

date and/or time, which role i.e. forsook luxury sans,

affordable focus on me, and immediately didst force crash course

to keep figurative whet

stone sharp every waking, and sleeping moment of me life, yet....

though a crash course imposed role

viz immediate adjustment of mister mom

(which obviously necessitated significant sacrifice

upon the head of this major Tom)

never before until that juncture such selfless experience ever met,

but in retrospect salutary outcome found thoughts linkedin whereby

time never divided, partitioned, or sectored off to another livingsocial being

I never took care of an infant, when her crying heard

yet, the birth of Eden Liat Harris incurred

(born at Bryn Mawr Hospital),

an irrevocable positive transformation occurred

within and without, the world according to Matthew Scott Harris

got mussed and stirred.

No longer central focus of mein kempf, NON GMO, and glue tin free

continual attention to offspring took precedence not always glee

full, and how receptive lee

toward voluntary selflessness: case in point regarding the selfish me

bumped off the long entrenched priority

toward my needs and wants prithee.

A recombinant adjustment incumbent

outlook arose upon freshly minted papa, where stork sent

Weltanschauung demanded gent

to reef focus his shift, which meant

twenty four hours, seven days a week plus work in order to pay rent

away from him, and directed a tent

shun toward welfare, welcome, and well being

for totally tubularly dependent new outlook on life,

especially when spouse went out for a breathing spell

became priority number, one thru...infinity, no hard sell

though lacking with any knowhow aye tell

asper tendering attention upon survival of (what essentially

constituted a foreigner), like George Szell

thy senses required rejiggering, which this fell

low highly struggled with cuz,

no handbook (as promised by manufacturer to boot

ever preceded via Sir-vex), nor followed suit

leaving nervous dada in the dark spooked by a hoot

at onset, when our bundle of joy

more valuable than any amount of loot

could buy, and when back to apartment we did rent

(at that time) Pennfield Manor not heaven sent

situated within breathing distance of slaughter house five scent.

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