Edinburgh Diamond...

by tcmoon
(Oxfordshire, UK)

Gentle, un-pervasive Edinburgh accentuation
Laps my aural organs, whispers
Delightful romanticisms, seducing
My defences into sweet surrender;

Love crushes the soul without obvious passion,
I cede to the strength with which her words encompass my heart
As her eyes drive deep through the windows to my soul,
Tentaclising every sinew of joy I herald
In the warmth of her presence, every love soak'd part;

And if I should die within the beauty of her smile;
Beneath lunar blooded rose-laden skies,
I am prisoner to all she is prepared to give,
Drown'd in the love that falls from her eyes.

I am lost beside her, despaired apart.
She leaves me with her parting smile ne'er shall I abandon
Or the Celtic borne persuasion-speak
Now lives deep within my bones;

And I shall ne'er forget the saviour of my life,
The colossus that infects each corner of my mind,
Of my soul, my heart, my very being;
She is my wee Celtic angel whose mem'ry I ne'er shall leave behind...

O Gem o' the north,
Diamond glowing with golden light;
Angel whose wings of gossamer touch me with love,
Voice of solliquy'd parlance and face I dream of by day and each night;
Edinburgh diamond, Celtic Gem...

© tcmoon 03-05-2012

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