by Tayreen Partch
(Staten Island, NY, USA)

He may not open the door for me every single time or pull the chair out for me when I sit down to eat but he's been there for me through thick and thin.

He's not the romantic type or the mushy type but he's the "Don't worry about it I'll fix it" type and the "Just take the bag with the bread in it and I'll carry the rest" type.

He may not buy me flowers but he cooks me dinner. We may not go to fancy restaurants but he always takes my straw out of the wrapper and puts it in my drink.

We may not say I love you every single time we hang up the phone but we say it when it counts. And just because today is Valentine's Day doesn't mean we love each other anymore or any less than yesterday or tomorrow.

It's the little things in life that I appreciate more than any money can buy. It's having him in my life that completes me and because of all this and a lot more is why I will marry him over and over again. I love you babe today tomorrow and forever.

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