by Larrie D. Green Sr
(Columbus, Ohio USA)

walking amidst a farmer's yard
i wasn't on top of my game
i was feeling bad, a mission to meet
all I could do was waddle on my feet

so waddle i did
it wasn't much fun
i wasn't feeling good
but what could be done
i looked at my stomach
it was full of bloat
i felt like I had been struck
by an old nanny goat

oh how miserable this feeling was
pain met me at every turn
my body was ardently twitching
and unmistakably it began to burn
burn and burn is what it did
panic was on my mind
i asked myself what's going on
i never felt pain of this kind

i looked down and to my demise
there is was beside my leg
oh what joy filled my heart,
for the cause of my pain was

An oversized Egg!

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