Eight Months

by Vance Farrell
(Allentown PA)

Eight Months

Your saliva shimmers across my chest
To nibble an ear, you know best
Gummy bites and sleepless nights
A lullaby always makes it right

Follow and swallow, curiosity seek
Butt first down the stairs, diaper sprung a leak
Rug burnt knees, tiny toes
How you perceive T.V. I’ll never know

Bubbles and clowns abound as we cruise about town
And shriek with laughter, as the metal music pounds
Your so helpless and hopeful, I see it in your eyes
I just love watching you eat, chocolate mousse pie

Smile big for grandma, grandpa gets one too
You’re the center of my world, if you only knew.
As I put you in your bed, nuck clinched in your hand
You say da da la la da, cause I’m your big dad a dad

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