Electrcians Mate 1st Class Dean A Williams

by Dean Williams

A boy named John was born
one cold and stormy morn,
His parents promised to love him
and no matter what they'd scorn

And from the very first day they knew
he'd be a man among men
And so to him they taught friendship
to give to your fellow man.

And since they were poor they taught him
about money and it's worth.
And if it came to money or friends
then money was the last thing on earth

They taught him to always help his neighbor
and to give all that he can
And to treat all people equally
even if his skin is tan.

They taught him to honor women
and no bad words about them say
For love strikes very quickly
you'll marry one someday.

When people passed him on the street
He knew his learning they were mocking
But he smiled and was always friendly
when behind his back,he knew they were talking

When he was a little older
his parents said to him
Make your own decisions
and change them for no man.

Be sure that what you do is right
if you know it in your heart
When you make up your mind
with your choice, never part.

HE learned these lessons and many more
and a man he came to be
Before the age of twenty he was called
to fight a war across the sea.

His country called him, his chance to give
they wanted him to fight
They didn't say, make your choice
and do what you think is right.

They gave him a date on which to report
a ticket and address inside
He still had a choice, do what they say
or run and forever hide.

His parents were sad when the day came
they cried and said "please don't leave"
But he hollered back,as the train pulled away,
You taught me don't let your friends grieve.

They went home thinking of what they had done
were they right when they formed his young life
Did they do right telling him all good
never telling him of trouble and strife

And when they heard he died a brave death
they cried and thought of past years
When others would ask advice for their kids
they'd say teach them sadness and tears.

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