by shelltidings


Disingenuous computer hunched
Ashamedly into corner movements,
Manipulating edges of cubes
Around surrounded sound,
Noticed by no one in nothingness,
Vapid screen staring sideways.

Flinches create response unhindered
By motive, undistinguished by method,
Transformers within the matrix world
Cower now, stupor of creature transfixed,
Blanked out by tremors of electrified eels,
Perturbed by stultified screen saver,
Pin-pricked by pixelated pixel pills.

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Electro -Rest
by: Pat

Just wrote a deeply thought out comment on your excellent poem and the computer did what I felt you were half implying anyway - shot my unfinished comment into the blue, by my barely touching a key,and now it's resting in the ether somewhere or you have it!

Your stuff is so good you should be making a real living out of it... an up market Lord of the Rings type book which isn't recognisable as LotR or a dark Gothic novel. That would set you up financially so you could write & not have to worry about looking for work.

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