by K. Eastcoast
(Apex, NC, USA)

You’re an element like oxygen
We surely need to breathe
But just like fire when I’m near you
I rage when you’re with me
I can’t seem to let you go
Broken windows and screen door
Shattered glass upon the floor
I’m sorry please don’t leave
I know it’s time to say goodbye
A life where we forget to live
But die
Please don’t cry.
I’m on the road to recovery
It just takes a little discovery
One more chance
I can’t watch you leave.
But it’s okay,
It’s for the better.
I hope you best
And hope you find someone who treasures
Every possibility
There was for you and me
But now with you and she,
Because like an element you’re mixing
To create something better
A force that’s worth trying,
A force that is special.
Don’t look back,
Just let go.
I’ll find my own worth,
While you take a new road.

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