by Marie Bowers

My heart yearns for you,
Impossibility bleeds my soul,
it is taking quite it’s toll.
I need you it seems,
to admit this is obscene.
In my mind I can feel your embrace,
And everything that relates.
I have imagined your eyes,
and all the secrets that they hide,
Their longing reflects my own,
and in this imagined thought they glow,
You reach out for me,
And my heart skips a beat.
The texture of your skin,
would be pure satin,
I’d grab your jacket,
afraid of what might happen,
your scent would be intoxicating,
even if it were nauseating.
It would consume my senses,
for those first few seconds.
You’d wrap your arms around me,
understanding my hearts plea.
And in this moment I’d feel safe,
from my shadows I’d escape.
You would be that light,
that freed me from my darkest night.
This imagined moment haunts me,
I am petrified of what it might mean.
Why do I long for such a simple gesture,
my mind does lecture.
Focus on reality,
and not some wild fantasy.

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