by Caleb Kreft
(Fenton, Michigan USA)

They say emotions are the main key in life
why do I feel like my friends back stab me with a knife?
Telling me they love and care about me,
but drinking takes over their personality.
Why God do I try to do so good when bad takes over my life?
I feel my heart breaking over this sight
seeing my friends slowly die and it's not right!
I would rather lay in the sun as sober as can be
a path of passion that follows me.
Light is the bright of greatness,
sadness is the purpose of weakness.
Heart Mind Body and Soul is a sign of patience
hurt broken in half is a sign of thinking.
So this Soul will go where the angels are singing.
Why God I shouldn't have to deal with this pain
they say if tear could build a stairway and heavens a lane.
I promise God I will be there sane praying your name.
I wish this life could be simple and plain,
but if it was like that it would be more hurtful and shame.

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