Empty chair(s) on holiday gatherings

by Aida G. Roque
(Dover, De.)

Pandemic revealed the best and the
worst in us. Many of us confront that
question, to mourn or to celebrate,
reminiscing the last holiday gathering
of a loved ones, snatched by COVID-19,

The most favorite place, is the family
dining table, praying together,making a
toast, having heated arguments, making
surprising news, engagement, baby
shower and parents burial planning.

Laughing, crying, cursing and sharing
love and kisses, are the bitter and sweet
spices in life. War and peace curved on
the family dining table and victory at the
end of the day’s gathering.

A never ending hugs n kisses of goodbye
thanking, singing nostalgic family songs.
A cup of coffee or hot coco,sweet desserts,
sweeten the day but, staring at the empty
chairs,a painful reminders from COVID-19.

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