END OF Life as I know it

by Gregory Simmons
(Havana, FL)

Am I STUPID or just plain feeble minded?

To throw away everything God handed me

My Happiness, my love, and my family

All I every wanted to do

Was to see you happy and to cherish you.

Love, spoil and take care of you

To be the best man that I could be

But Instead I was less then a man,

And now you are gone my knees are weak,

For now I cannot stand.

I have said sorry way too many times

In the midst of all the confusion and all the lies

All the hurt I caused and all the tears you cried

There is nothing I can do to heal your insides


I am remorseful for what I have done

To be the factor that ended what we had just begun

I'm not what you deserve

'Cause you deserve better

You deserve to shine like the sun

Not be under the weather

I can't lie I want for us to be happy.

I am happy with you but you may be happy without me.

I will have to accept my unhappiness to see you at your peak of happiness.

If you do change your mind then I will be here with open arms.



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