by Rick McGrath

At last you have woken and repented.
With eyes wide open you have understood.

Like a bird beating your wings and feathers,
You have broken free from the cage of lies
Rising up above the deception
Like a prized falcon free from its handler
You have heard the Master’s call
And flew beyond space and time.

Seeing that which is unseen you believe
As the scent of the rose garden beckons
You flew off to meet the Rose of knowledge.

The addictions of this fleeting world
Caused you to stumble.
But you have chosen eternity
And like an arrow, fired from a bow
You have sped toward the bull’s eye

You have rejected the false prophets
Turning from their deceptive illusions
And you’ve journeyed to the land of truth.

You are now a favorite Son
Crowned with righteousness
You have become enlightened
What need have you for man’s glory?

O heart, what a wonderful thing you are
Transformed made white as snow
Seeking divine heights
You have overcome your enemies

In Autumn flowers flee, but not you
You are fearless and strong in the Lord
In full armor, you stand against evil’s schemes.
You stand firm with the buckle of truth around you
Covered by the breastplate of righteousness
Your feet are readied to spread the good news.

In addition to all of this you take up a shield of faith
Extinguishing flaming arrows of the evil one.
And the crown of victory is your redemption.

By Rick McGrath, Ph.D.

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