by Natasha Miller
(Delaware, USA)

Pain in her eyes.
Suffering the ultimate demise.
Never allowed to turn back.
Held against her will by a kidnap.
Every hour every minute on the run.
Trust me, she isn't the only one!
Defilement,and shame.
Keep her silenced and tamed.
Why her? What was the point of it all?
All she did was strike up a simple conversation at the mall.
She will never be the same or ever shed a tear.
Will it ever end even after all these years.
She can't bring herself to commit suicide.
Her memories of family and friends and how life used to be collide.
She dreams of getting out and leaving if she only could.
The moment has passed, next appointment of an act so lewd.
Look of disgust in the mirror.
Fixing her makeup making sure it doesn't smear.
Off to the next.
Tired of being oversexed.
Numbness, lack of empathy she now only feels.
Childhood, womanhood, a life that was something to steal.
Life will never be the same.
She's lost her pride, sense of identity and even her own name.

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