Epigram for Honesty

by David Oakley-Hill
(Luton, Bedfordshire, UK)

(Prompt - Complete this: "2 hamlets side-by-side...")

Two hamlets, side by side,
one plays Polo, Gert his bride
one has lost his corkscrew, one has lost all pride
she is swilling to sell for a song her ring
so she swallows her grunt and begins to sing:
Oh cruel fate, gave birth of late,
and now they give me more
it pains me what can happen to a sow behind the door
I'd rather be out scratching,
I'd rather just stay me
don't want to be a piglet poked into a BLT
I wish they'd all stop eating us as piggy in the middle
don't want to play backgammon,
or sold in the Snout and Fiddle
my friends in crates are so depressed,
into the mire they're sinking
I wish a lot more people would prefer a veggie Lincoln
they put babe on a talent show to stop her being fried
but she got fat and famous,
had a heart attack and died
it's hot to trot, so don't be rasher than your worst-case risk
now she's just a bit of crackling,
and a smoky bacon crisp

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