by Rick McGrath Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

My days found lacking.
Meaningless words,
Words that are empty.
There must be more.
And I ask, why not?

I sit, I contemplate.
Searching for a higher power
I scribble symbols
In hope there is meaning.
Will they make me more?

They can’t!
I am who I am,
Open to interpretation
Based on others who cannot see.
Blinded by false bias.
Are they pretenders of the faith?

Many times.
Closed minded without hope,
Speaking superficial ideas.
They cannot save the world,
Nor do they save themselves.
Can we change?

All things are possible.
Seek and listen!
A quiet voice of invitation
Chooses and calls the elect.
Will we respond?

Divinity comes from within.
We are the mouth piece of love,
A vessel for the miraculous,
The manifestation of the Supreme
Called to live eternity within “The Way”.

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