by Richard Harris
(Jacksonville, Fl, USA)

© April 17, 2010
Richard O Harris

Today has been a day for me filled with long reflection
On our times together of sweet and shared affection
But the time has been so long since last I heard your voice
I wonder if I will ever again experience such a choice.

I am sad about so many things that have happened
And I know I cannot find a way for them to mend
Still, I hope against all hope that before I die
I will hear your voice and look into your eyes.

You are still the greatest joy and love I have ever known
Though I knew it would end, I could not have grown
Without your love, your gentle voice, your touch and anger too
There could not be a man like me unless he had known you.

So, my friend, my partner, the only love of my entire life
Thanks for sharing what you could and bearing part of my strife
We said goodbye so many times yet knew we would soon say hello
This last goodbye is hard for me, you see I am not good at letting go.

I love you always and all ways, you are wanted, needed, and desired
But your world has no place for me or allowed you to become mired
It has been many years for us both but I can only speak for me
There is no one I will love more and you I now know I will love eternally.

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