Eve - The Lady of the Garden

by Natasha Miller
(Delaware, USA)

Made of bone from a man.
One rib she was constructed by God's hand.

Adam's perfect partner and one and only soul mate.
Unfortunately, her mistake would determine their fate.

How beautiful a face and amazing lining of curves she once had
She must've driven Adam completely MAD!

It's Eve who bred the perfection
of all females of the future to become
How can one decision end all of paradise and laying in the sun

She knew no pain, sadness or despair.
If only she had thought or even prepared.

Once God spoke they both felt shame.
She covered herself afraid of her body exposed,
she had become plain

Grief, despair, sadness, guilt set the tone.
The lady of the garden was banished never to return again.

Her lovely face, body and soul were tarnished in the end

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