Ever Widening Circles

by John Smallshaw
(London. England)

Reflections I feel.
Reflections that steal
like a thief in my eyes.
In a day full of highs...
reflections are low.
Sometimes I wish
those reflections would go.
Another wish unfulfilled
like a dream I once had,
when things weren't so bad
and all I could see when I was looking at me
was a young man on the make.
If I could take back the years
and the time that has passed,
the ref...lection I see couldn't possibly last.

But now I see deep inside..
where Devils and Angels play games
and in those hide and seek names
they remind me of Heaven and Hell.
The Sunday School bell.

I look for a while and realise
all is well
and that this is the way I suppose it to be..
..in reflections of me..
...I can see shattered stones,
mountains of bones and dry river beds,
uncoloured sky and a time that won't die..
a peace blown apart.

A start and an end
A refusal to bend
A message I know I must send to apologise.
In a day full of highs..
..Reflections are low.

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