by Logan

When I feel empty I think about u and feel complete.
When I am cold I think of u and become warm.
When I am at my limit I think of u and dig deeper.
When I have given up I think of u and keep fighting.
When I am down I think of u and smile.
When I need someone to talk to u r there.
When I feel worthless u show me what I mean to u.
When I am hopeless I think of u and find hope.

I wish I could be all of those things for u but
the truth is, I am lost.

Looking for a path that isn't there.
But u give me that one glimmer of hope,
urging me to keep looking.
My past has been dark and twisted,
yet I press on, moving forward in hope that I will come to a better,
happier place,
I was wrong, it wasn't a place I was looking for it was a person,
and that person is u.
Now that I have found u I feel almost happy.
Without u I would be nothing,
just a ghost in constant despair.
U r the one ember that starts the fire,
warming me and keeping me alive.
U r the most important person in the world to me.
There is no doubt in my mind that if I hadn't met u,
I would not be here today.
I will do anything to save u,
to protect u when I am around .
My feelings for u are impossible to put into words.
U r the one person that actually understands me
and what I am going through.


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