Haiku Poetry

They are challenging to write and a pleasure to read.  Our Examples of Haiku Poems will introduce you to this wonderful Japanese poetic form so you can better appreciate the genre and perhaps even craft your own verse.

Typically, this form consists of 17 moras in three turns of phrase of 5, 7, and 5 moras respectively.  While the Japanese mora is sometimes mistakenly seen as the equivalent of the English syllable, it is not.  However, for our purposes, we are going to make that incorrect assumption and provide you with a selection of verse that feature 5 syllables, followed by 7 syllables, followed by 5 syllables again. 

Of course, there is more to the genre that we have not even begun to touch upon.  Some of the traditional symbolisms inherent in the pure Japanese form are not always found in non-Japanese renditions or even in modern Japanese verse.

We hope you will enjoy our collection of very special Japanese style poetry and that they inspire you to explore this art form.


White as a full moon
My stem stretching towards the sky
God’s serenity.


Brown, red, and yellow
Swirling onto the hard ground
Cushioning the Earth.


In the trees chirping,
They carry music and joy
Wherever they go.


Through the air flying,
Drinking nectar from flowers
Beautiful and bright.


Forever reaching
Towards the glorious sky
Wanting to go home.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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