Excerpt From the Dishwasher Diaries

by John
(London, England)

To get a degree
you need to be
(which I was never)

I'm what they called a late developer,
the picture being taken I was just late in
appearing to be
and no degree

It makes sense to me
that's more sense
than the syllabus made
educated on the lean streets of a mean town
is it any wonder I let people down?

how clever or if ever I'll be
I can't say I miss not having
that degree because
I've met idiots with honours
fools with some brains inside
and out of those
halls of academia

being a romanticist I realise I might muse on what it is that I missed
if it was never no matter how clever in the stars for me

I will not worry endlessly.

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by: Editorial Team

We especially enjoyed this one, John.


The Editors
My Word Wizard

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