Exist Amidst the Waves

by Cadence McCracken
(Martinez, CA)

Tossed about the forming waves
as oceans rip aside;
accreting what I can from each
leaving my old cells in the tide.
I can have of the ocean
and the ocean can have of me,
for stardust dies at both our cores
to vibrate eternally.
The air above is just as thick
as the plastic in my lungs,
but when we all eat shit together
at least we pass as one.
The moon was once a magma sea
and now is cold and dry;
the process of existence seems
the same for it as I.
For hotheaded we all once swore
"waves be no match for me,"
and tired one day we'll all swear
there's no end to this sea.
And yet do not regret the roll,
for if we'd sat safe on the beach,
we'd never have seen shipwrecks,
sideways fish and coral reefs.
Tossed about the ancient waves,
there never will be rest,
but if we keep the will to swim
our graves will be impressed.

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