Extraordinarily Ordinary

by Anonymous
(Somewhere on Earth)

I am alone, as always,
No one else to share the moment,
But I am used to being alone.

Nature is my company.
The birds chirp songs of joy
In a form of conversation.
I whistle my greeting that the birds know.
They know it all too well.
But nature is always my company.

I hear the slow trickling of the creek,
Not far behind those trees,
Those trees with perfect branches.
They are built to climb on,
As I always do,
Looking down on the world
From a perspective so special,
Yet so ordinary.
I have climbed those trees and heard that creek many times.

The sky is beginning to change
From a dull blue to many shades of orange and pink.
Clouds have an outline that seems to glow.
I am in awe and excitement.
The view is breathtaking.
How strange and special.
How extraordinary.
Still, this happens every day.

But if a miracle was repeated every day
Until we always expected the same,
Would it lose its magic?
How would you know? Miracles don't happen so often.

Yes they do.
I was there... and so were you.
In the land of ongoing miracles,
Where everything is extraordinarily ordinary.
The answer then, is no.

Magic doesn't fade just because people stop noticing.
The grass is still green when you close your eyes.
When I look into the transforming sky,
I don't forget the man who gave it to us.
The king who serves His own servants.

How can you forget Him when you live in His kingdom?
How can you forget the sunset that you are so used to?
How can you forget yourself when you look into a mirror?

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