Extremist (Really, Am I?)

by Sender UpWords

extremist |ik-ˈstrē-ˌmist|
a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, esp. one who resorts to or advocates extreme action : political extremists | as adj. an extremist conspiracy.

autocracy |o-tä-krə-sē|
noun ( pl. -cies)
a system of government by one person with absolute power.
• a regime based on such a principle of government.
• a country, state, or society governed in such a way.
• domineering rule or control : a boss who shifts between autocracy, persuasion, and consultation.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent. (in the sense autonomy ): from Greek autokrateia, from autokratēs

democracy |di-ˈmä-krə-sē|
noun ( pl. -cies)
a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives : capitalism and democracy are ascendant in the third world.
• a state governed in such a way : a multiparty democracy.
• control of an organization or group by the majority of its members : the intended extension of industrial democracy.
• the practice or principles of social equality : demands for greater democracy.
ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from French démocratie, via late Latin from Greek dēmokratia, from dēmos ‘the people’ + -kratia ‘power, rule.’

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

What is going on right now in the world?
Everything flipped right side up and upside down,
As news reports clamor to tell us how bad the situation is in Egypt,
A situation that is avoidable,
A situation that should be, and I have, applauded.

Words have meaning,
More over words have intent,
Sometimes, when we use them,
There are unintended consequences for using them,
That we may not have seen,
Yet after sober reflection come to realize,
Was either bang on or off the mark.

A progressive, young and educated populace,
Is crying out in mass revolt,
For the dismissal of an autocrat,
A call that we, in the west,
Have supported time and again in history,
Both financially and by contributing to the maintenance of the status quo,
These young,
Tech savvy and motivated voices,
Have looked to the west and seen there is another way,
A better way,
A country that respects and upholds the rights of its citizens,
That does not crush their spirits and their personages,
For expressing a view contrary to the prevailing one,
Creating a class of political prisoners that easily fades into insignificance,
For no one wants to question,
For fear of the same reprisal,
But not forgotten as the passed nine days have shown

For more than a week,
I have asked;

Do you believe in democracy?

As if you do,
It is your democratic imperative to stand in solidarity,
With the brave Egyptian voices that are reverberating,
Defiantly through the Middle East,
Causing a rippling effect that is soon to be as important,
As the fall of the Berlin Wall,
More and more nations demanding the same rights that we have,
Ultimately a great thing for the region and the world,
As finally we can help them enter the modern community of nations.

What then must we do?
What can our leaders do?
What can you do?

Democracy is a process not an event,
Therefore stages exist that we can start with immediately…

Mubarak must go,
A single G5 plane ride is far less expensive,
Than the blood on our hands should this deteriorate,
Into civil war.

A transitional body must be put in place,
With a strong voice speaking for the united peoples of Egypt.

The west must offer any and all support it can,
With regard to political and social reform,
Through the UN,
Establish a conference, with the Arab League and the African Union,
With participation from western scholars in conjunction with Egyptians,
On matters of constitution,
The formation of government,
The formation of a ‘loyal’ opposition,
Bill of Rights,
The establishment of a democratic election system,
The reestablishment of a functioning police body,
As well as exploring all other issues that merit exploration,
Through such a conference.

I believe other scholars related to economic issues,
Must also be brought to bear,
Specifically addressing the low income threshold,
Those living on less than two dollars a day only a stones throw from the Pyramids,
Real job creation,
The further integration of Egypt into the regional and international community.

If these views are extreme,
I find it hard to believe,
As true democracies,
Such as those in which we live,
Would recognize that we have a massive opportunity here,
And not stepping up,
Will put us on the wrong side of history,
And the minds of the Egyptians,
That simply want what we have,
Nothing more,
Though certainly nothing less.

Does this make me fanatical,
Or simply concerned with what it truly means,
To be a democracy,
Both the rights
The responsibilities.

And if that makes me an extremist, well, then I guess I am.

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