F Words

by Irenshun Arnold

Clean, smooth around the edges and
all in between,
All around lying, waiting for the perfect timing to steal a "diamond ring",
My own best friend since my lungs let me breathe,
Left me stuck with the abuse;
tells him to find His Truth,
So he can learn to be a King!
Dangers in the distance, you've been warned many a day,
Stay out the streets, Stay to yourself
Not knowing, an idle mind, Is where the devil likes to play...
SHIT like, keep your friends close, and enemies closer, Mix family with business you will regret it 10 times over.
health, and wellness ain't that what you're aiming for?
hurry up its almost 9 pm, we're headed to the liquor store,
liquid courage gets you beat up and embarrassed more than the day before,
looking out the front window before walking out the front door
deadbeat mamas having kids by deadbeat daddies, innocent child grew up into a heartless "Savage" breaking rules just to make himself happy, cause he Never had a 'mammy'or a 'pappy', just a hard headed nigga,
who walked around with his hair nappy?
the only one suffering but,
he will never see it happenin,
F words, this ain't what it do,
cloud my head to the point,
a storm is about to brew
ever since I could remember, just like you, walking to the dumpster at night took away my youth...
too much dope, reckless minds, and capers just to name a few, people saying "Bless his heart", but they don't empathize with you,
Lead don't follow, I was told that a lot
but somewhere down the line , uh, I guess I forgot; that
life takes you fast and when you are in the slot,
one trigger, one ignorant nigga,
one bullet, equals 3 hots and a cot,
my brothers USED to tell me, u well on your way, watch!
what I tell ya?!, but not for greatness a straight shot for failure...
issues at home ran me into an outrage,
so I started self medicating at a very early age...
No good role models or a even a stepfather to take my biological's place...just an inner city kid trapped in an inner city cage...Mama was away, doing her own thang, playing with the niggaz hustling all night and all day.... I'm a smarter kid than most at the time in my grade so I guess I'll do this once only different...to get paid
Everything that glitters ain't glitter on Jesus, pieces of broken glass cuttin into my feet, easy, cause the Light wasn't Shining at an angle that I could see it...
F words, like arthritis to my brain, clouding my vision to the point I don't cry, my eyes rain,
tears of joy are fake, but real tears of pain, pain, spinning in my head like a Damn hurricane ...
lacking the intelligence to understand my shame,
fearing what you don't believe is like looking for something you never earned or achieved, but who's to blame
but I'm thankful to be alive and Blessed daily throughout the week,
but as these years go by I see more and more wrinkles and a whole lot of creases
victims and statistics all the same that's just me
outcome is, God-fearing intellects,
that speak hypocritical dialect so, Grit your own teeth,
F words are just as bad as what we call f niggas to me.
And I would be lying if I said I ain't lost a lot of sleep,
So if the words that come out of my mouth are way beyond deep
those are the ones I refuse to hold and keep...
Misplaced by circumstances well out of my reach
climbing ladders with broken rungs only to fall again then sink
low is the beginning but high is only end...
Cause when your at your highest then you might just fall again f words...

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Deep poetic lyrical
by: MB

Author has great potential to reach out to those who has experienced pain, struggle, and life’s journey trying to figure out life’s challenges. Author should exceed higher in his writings.

Libra Taste
by: Anonymous


Reply to F word
by: Anonymous

Very heart felt very talented and I can understand the writers pain.

Great Struggle Piece!
by: Anonymous

Damn good thoughts and reality from a deprived but deserving young brother. Use your talent God has blessed you with.

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