Faceless Monsters


When the sun was held in the sky so bright,
And the world beneath was eerily cold,
Over the land laid a blanket of white,
The ghostly sound of birds’ songs echoed bold.
Through the empty field a young girl marched,
Unaware of the creatures that stalked her,
They watched and waited from where they were perched,
They were poised and ready to kill her there.

Faces without features or expression,
Stripped of all individuality,
They were set on their act of transgression,
Whilst trapped in painful immortality.
A whole race of monstrous mutated men,
That feed from the misfortune of others,
Their souls were replaced by a deadly yen,
And they were forced to kill without druthers.

Onward they crept through frostbitten forest,
And as the victim began to witness,
The savage fiends emerged from the crest,
And the child fled in fear and sickness.
Onward they ran almighty and faster,
Her last shrieks lingered in the misty air,
Onward they obeyed their violent master,
“Help me! Help me!” She cried out in despair.

That same field is haunted by a ghost,
For every afternoon at half past four,
The chilling screams are cast over the coast,
Of a young child that remains no more.
The ghost of a girl with no expression,
Stripped of all individuality,
She is set on her act of transgression,
Whilst trapped in painful immortality.

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