by Ashish Saha
(shillong, meghalaya, india)

Memories: they never die;
Only seem to fade away.
Taking every breath of mine.
Fade and leave a coffin
Of needles and pins behind.

An endless fall of emotions
From tears to fury,
Rage, grace and guilt,
Adding to a morbid ecstasy
In a life that was dead.

My white satin covered corpse,
Stained with fresh fluid red,
Only stench of an angel
Has filled my crimson death-bed.

I have lived as one in life,
And now i shall lie here alone.
Fate has been so kind,
That finally all is dead and gone

In life my friends, foes and family
Have never seen the likes of me.
Not living nor undead,
Have known me for who i am.

Fading light slips to darkness.
Eternal darkness and death are one,
Both mysterious. Both supreme.
Both dangerous, but serene.

Memories: they will not leave,
So i did my best to part.
The final hope to discover peace,
Was eternal rest in a coffin, alone.

Nevermore shall they haunt me.
Nevermore shall they tease.
Memories never haunt the cursed.
Thusly, my demon speaks.

Angel of darkness.
Oh! Demon of shadows,
If you spoke truly so,
I shall be gay to go.

Only grant me my wishes last
So my demise be complete.
I shan’t wish for a thing
Which only life could give.

Faded memories be erased.
My pale steed be dressed.
So forth i may leave gallantly flaunting my cape blood red,
Towards my home; my crimson death-bed.

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