Faeries and Dragons

by Emilee DeFrancesco

Faeries and dragons,
Things of myths.
That's what everyone's said.
I know it's not true
I've seen them for myself.
Pretty flower Fairies,
Harsh earth Faeries,
All different, all the same.
Dragons in caverns,
Dragons above the clouds,
I've even got my own hatchling!
This wonderful space,
Where I'm not alone,
It's beautiful beyond compare.
My own little world,
No one knows,
What adventures I've had.
Someone should come with me someday,
It'll be great!
Get your own dragon,
Get a troll friend.
Meet a scared monster,
Dance with the Elves.
It's a great place.
Enter whenever you want.
Just search in your mind,
That's where you'll find
The best place of all!

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