by Asiya Shaikh
(Riyadh,Saudi Arabia)



Do you believe in Allah? I ask,"No" is their reply
And I wonder how they can live a life so dry.
Their eyes so empty,I see no light,no conviction
Do their lives have any meaning,any direction?

I look in the mirror,my eyes prove,My faith is like a tree
Allowing me a life-serious,full of meaning yet carefree
Storms may come and go,
The branches bend and bow,
Yet the root holds the ground firmly,
Thanking the Almighty for its presence Humbly.

I may be knocked down,but i wont give up n cry
Coz' I believe He is up there in the sky.

Knock me down,knock me under
Now and then I may even make a blunder.
Hit me from the left or from the right,
I believe with all my might,
I will get right back up on my feet.
I can shout it out in an open street,
From the top of a hill,mountain,skyscraper,
Announce it with ink on paper,
From the middle of a desert hot,hard and dry,
That there is indeed a Merciful Lord up there in the sky.

I believe I can go on,I can go on because I believe.
I will not cry,I will not whine or Grieve.
The faith and resolve in my Heart grow like a tree
He will definitely choose the path which is best for me.

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