Falling crystal rain

by Seon words(aditi)

If I get the chance,
I wish to become rain someday
So when there's a pour I could see those winsome eyes to fill with joy
Just one touch melt those feelings inside
And just the sound of droplets become my music
Some won't be listening sometimes but I'll be there
Some won't be seeing but I'll be near
Some may not feel but I'll cheer
Somewere around on the leaves
Somewhere on window pane
Just lift the hand gentally and try to touch those droplets
I may not understand the reason but I'll try to fill the void
May be temporarily but I'll try to hide that cry
Some find the reason for love
I'll try to create great sceneries
Some may hate me
But I'll take notes sincerely
Sometimes I'll be like sunshower
Sometimes like hightide
Sometimes light as feathr touching gently
Some might fear me wondering dark past.
But I know that too, so I can understand
When I become rain,
Every droplet be like crystal
So I can cry in their pain and their happiness will be my wisdom.

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