Family First

by Nicole G.
(Little Rock,AR)

I was taught family first.Momma made sure we never forgot it,cause those words were rehearse and said first after all the dysfunctional and disagreements my family would occur continuously.I couldn't take what my mom was teaching me seriously."Family first,"then why so much hate,jealousy,greed,pain,and put downs.Why it feel like when you put family first it's a curse?Why when you just need a hug or word of encouragement,its strangers that come love you first and lift you up?Momma never told me putting family first when it's dysfunctional can drain you,or when they envy your success they blame you .Truth is they never tried to do their best and quit when life become a challenging test.Momma say family first,so I forgive them and still show love.I just limit my time with the ones unhappy and cause problems.I start putting myself first,This one lesson I learned on my own and yes,I had to rehearse this cause my momma words was stuck with me,Family First.

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