Farewell my baby girl

by Jillian Campbelton
(Beverley East Yorkshire)

For two years now we haven't spent this time in each others love

But I know that she is thinking of me just as I am of her

To hold you in my arms again and smell your golden hair

I thank our father up above for the privilege of lending her to me

Her time on earth was over so she's returned to where she should be

Try not to ask the question "why" for this or that, just take each day as he gives you whether happy or sad.

Remember, one day we will know the reason "why" this life for us had to be
but one thing you can be certain of God won't desert you or me

Hold your faith close to your heart and ask for all the help he can give
don't take life for granted for we have to go on, and live.

I know I will see my baby girl one day, but bitterness does not help
It does not make you happy it makes you all bitter and bent

So take this message from someone who knows the pain of losing a child
Try to be kind to your fellow man and hold god very close to your heart

Believe that he will make it right when we get to heaven above
And remember we will meet the man who is filled with eternal love

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