by Leone McNamara

A little girl needs her daddy,
to love her with manly charm
To soothe her when she's hurt,
to keep her safe from harm
A girl needs her dad,
to show her a man that's good
To help her make the right choices,
as only a dad could.

A woman needs her father,
just to be aware
That he will always be there for her,
to guide her and to care
Without you dad,
I would not be the woman I am today
You built a strong foundation,
that no one can take away.

No matter how old I grow,
your 'Missy' I will always be
You gave me a face full of freckles,
and big blue eyes to see
You give so much love,
and expect nothing in return
But today is father's day,
and now it's my turn.

To let you know that I appreciate,
and that you do, all that you say
That I am so grateful that you are my father,
day after day
And even at times,
when we seem to drift apart
Never forget I love you dad,
from the bottom of my heart.

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