Finally Choking My Breath

by Rohit Sapra
(Gwalior,Madhya Pradesh, India)

Choking, the breath out of me
Going nuts at the moment
Feeling, as if this is the last day of my misery.
Misery does not end so soon
It continues to scream out inside me
Nobody, I want now
My misery nobody understands
Under pressure to give up
Still my remaining breaths fight for life
It was just a dream of having you so near
As I am sinking close to death, glimpses of you are coming back
Slowly, I am trying to raise my hands up high
Just to get a touch of your tender skin
I just wish I could reach closer, choking the breath out of me
To end my misery, as my screams get louder
Louder for you, I can't
I can't reach out to you, finally choking
Trying to lessen my misery
Finally choking, the remainder of my breaths.

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