by Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Mo desto, Ca, USA)

A voice as unto him that hears,
He whose foundation, my rock
I shall not fear nor suffer shock,
As I travel this valley without fear.

With faith that comes with self-control,
The truths before me that can’t be proved,
Until all doubt be from me removed,
As good works flow from my soul.

Wisdom abides in the written psalm.
So many years passed, they went and came,
Once lost now saved no longer the same.
And yet is love not what makes the heart calm?

Before these majestic monuments, so much bliss,
For God this world He so loved, His truth,
Giving his only begotten Son, His proof.
Could resurrection day be a day like this?

O Lord thou art worthy; full of power.
I gaze upon your creation mighty and great.
Through this valley I walk, I accept my fate.
Come oh Lord even if it be this glorious hour.

As I kneel at heaven’s granite altar and pray,
Before you I have come to clear mind and soul
From chaos and life’s frantic toll.
I repent and give myself to you this day.

Gazing upward, I look upon the granite cathedral,
Chiseled and carved by the sands of time,
As countless climbers climb their daring climb.
For no man-made monument could be its equal.

Across the green meadow as if at heaven’s gate,
Lush green grasses and ponds clear as glass,
I rise from my worship renewed, joyful at last,
Finding renewed peace and serenity, I contemplate.,

Filled with the Spirit from above with power,
O esteemed mountain high and rare,
I bow before Almighty God in silent prayer,
Feeling the cleansing presence of Him this hour.

Unmindful is mankind, uncaring does he trod,
This planet, such is it of noble type.
Could it be signs of the last days ripe
For the return of the one we call, God?

That God, which ever lives and loves,
One God, one law, one element.
By His command, heaven-sent,
All things created, creation moves.

In this place I come to seek thee,
From the sky above and the vale below.
Across Yosemite this valley I will go.
A poet’s quest for living in eternity.

Nature making another stately decree.
Am I awake or am I living in a dream,
Standing here beside this passing stream?
Today I live, for tomorrow there’s no certainty.

So here I stand to give joyful my testimony
I was lost but now I have been found
By His grace I am now safe and sound
As I find my eternity here in Yosemite.

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