by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)


The midnight ride of Paul Revere
If the British come sound the alarm
Part of history, a story now austere
This history, today lost it’s charm.

Awake the British are coming
As he rode to spread the alarm
Through villages and farm
Arm yourselves, now alerting.

The message to fight without fear
Get up the red coats are here
History the children don’t know
The midnight ride of Paul Revere.

That night the British we did fight
By land or by sea with all our might
For freedom and our way of life
The British rule no more strife

Today we celebrate in July
The fourth day, don’t know why
Lost in the fun and fireworks
A day off work a part of the perks

A history of bombs that explode
In the midnight sky far above
Americans dying for our code
With sacrifice and their love.

Brave young men and women
They continue the struggle
For you and me to stay free
Giving life their generosity.

Watch the fireworks explode
Many wars have taken place
Remember history’s episode
Victory given by God’s grace

As we celebrate another fourth
Remember who died for me and you
A real declaration of Indepence
Thanks to America’s red, white and blue.

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