by John Smallshaw
(London England)

It feels like my head has got a hundredweight of lead
Swinging inside.
Pulling me down to the deep.
I angle to keep.. even keel.
But I can't stop myself reeling.
It's a weird kind of feeling a bit like spinning in silk..
..soft, white like milk.
But sometimes it's red and that's when the lead is a drag on my line
Of course this could be a sign to slow down.
To think about things before sealing a deal
To keep things a bit real.

Doesn't that sound a bore ?
No longer to roar like a beast or feast on the passions in the fashion I'm used to.
On the whole I'd prefer to defer any decision,to keep any revisions on this 'til much later.

I always do that...State a case
Look again at my face
Try to race the reflection and in that introspection
The lead swings.

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