by Smitha Tripathy
(Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India)

The ocean of your
Agonized heart
And .. Drenched by the fog formed
I could feel your suppressed anguish
Ready to burst…
Opened up - my heart
To embrace
All your pain
The paining vapors
condensed in my arms…
Forming droplets of tears …
I hugged them-
Wanted to yell… Ah!
But, then remembered ..
I had promised you ,
Not to let the worldly people know…
a single pinch of your sorrow,
Now ---
Say,what should I do?
The droplets of your condensing pain
Have become heavy
Loading my heart
With thundering clouds …
ready to burst,
Rebellious with vengeance ..
like a volcano, all set to erupt
to avenge, to kill….
Your heart's grumbling in my arms
Scratching the body of my soul
With scars of your wrath
Lightning ..
All set to burn
To destroy , to avenge the traumas
Of your life …

Never bother ,
I shall be for you ..
Up to the End of your struggle
and even beyond
For ever -- for ever.

© Smitha

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