For my deceased friend

by Tatertot

I feel so loved and wanted, now and then,
when i think of you, as i'm lying in my bed
and when i see your face, every night and day,
all the memories we made, come back again.

You're simply amazing, my love is everlasting
i can't resist your eyes, but that's nothing new.
The light and hope fade into shadows,
for my love'll always be true.

Your soul is pure, your heart is good,
and MY heart is truly in your hands.
i could laugh and run 'til life was done,
but you are the fuel of my plans.

I never thought we would part,
i didn't think the day would come,
it feels like a nightmare,
i cannot wake from.
i see the spot where you lay,
and i feel empty inside.
nothing will ever be the same,
because my friend has died.

There is forevermore sadness
brought upon your name
but i know one day
we shall meet again.

And until that one fateful day,
i will continue to treasure,
all the memories we made.
you will be by my heart, always
and i shall miss you greatly,
day after day.
but i know, through all the coming days,
that you are up there, watching over me.

And for you, my friend, i thank Heaven above.

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