For Someone So Dear

by Gin Goode
(Greenfield, Indiana USA)

Dear God,tonight I call to you
again to stand by me,
For this ordeal I'm going thru'
That somehow had to be.

For you saw fit to take someone
that we held very dear,
When his life had only begun
now he's no longer here.

He was so sweet and innocent
our hearts he did enhance,
and we know he was heaven sent
but he never had a chance.

Now tears are dimming once clear eyes
as we try hard to see,
and do our best to realize
he is happier with thee.

Where's no pain or misery
he's surely feeling better,
and we should be very proud that we
have an angel for a sitter.

Yes we know he is good hands
but Lord we miss him so,
Please help us realize
the reason he had to go.

It's not that we will ever doubt
the glory of your touch,
But it's so hard to live without
someone we love so much.

But he left with us memories
that time cannot erase,
and in our hearts there'll always be
his very own special place.

And these memories will never dim
through out these long, long years,
So God take very good care of him
Cause to us he is very dear.

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