For your strength is beyond measures the toughest warrior could not hold.

by Amanda riley
(Phoenix arizona)

I never knew how strong you were until the other day I asked you what was wrong with you you didn't look the same you laughed then cried I saw it in your eyes your voice spoke me words I never thought you would ever say you told me you had cancer your at stage 4 you didn't know how long it be that you'd be knocking at Heaven's Door I burst into tears my heart was in fear I didn't want to lose the strongest woman I've ever known if I have to choose I wasn't expecting to hear the least that you were very sick I didn't want to hear those words to tell me that that was it but Mom you're really strong the strongest woman I've ever met I hope that I can be that strong and not be full of regret I want to take this time to tell you I love you to tell you I'm here to help you get through I want to thank you for being there every time I needed you sorry if I disappoint you sorry if I didn't meet expectations that you knew I could do I never thought I'd be without you so very soon if there's strength in anything If Ever I feel I lose I'll remember your strength and your strength I will use mom I'll Always Love You and believe me this is true If Ever I disappointed you I'll show you what I can do I know that when I need you and you will no longer be there I know that you'll be with me in spirit I know you'll be standing there although I might not hear you I remember your words so clear you said if it's your time that you would go without fear you said that you ask God to forgive you and you believe that he did I said I didn't want to be without you I said I didn't want you to go I wanted you to live then I realized it was selfish of me to not want to let go because when it's your time God will take you home you'll be reunited with all the loved ones lost you won't be lonely or in pain this is what it cost we live we die there is no other place at the place that we go when it's our time when we need to show our most strength so watching you and hearing the positive things you have to say knowing you won't be around that there will come a day I will have to accept you had to go away because I love you Mom I just want you to know I pray God to give me strength just like he gave to you two help me get through this although I'll feel alone you're the strongest woman I know to be able to deal with knowing strength is all you've got to show I love you Mom I'm going to stay strong and I want you to be proud of me and see my life go on.

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