Forever In His Arms

by Sarah

I'm finally starting
to get to the top again.
Finally starting
to discover my faithful friend,
who has been there from the beginning
then all the way to the end!
He's beginning to mend
this hurt heart.
saving my soul
from a fiery dart!
only now
I'm beginning to realize
just how
dearly He loves me!
no longer wondering why
he's been telling me
not to be shy!
I want to please him
in everything i do.
maybe then
I wont feel like a fool.
He has loved me
all my life.
telling me to trust in him,
so I'll have less strife.
he has always been there.
I have been stupid enough,
to ask where!
his name is Jesus Christ
and HE
gave up his life,
all for you and me.
only through him,
will we have the key
to be forever in his arms.

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Apr 25, 2013

Bless you Sarah for your praise of our heavenly
Father and our saviour, Jesus. You are so right,
He did promise, "Ask and thou shalt receive."
I'm pleased as a fellow Christian that you found
the way.. Never look back, It's where Satan hides.

Jul 16, 2012
if you see this and read this
by: athor of this poem

hi. thats how most people start things out. ok, so i wrote this poem to bring praise to our heavanly Father, and in hope that this poem would somehow someway touch and help others. i am so happy and so thrilled for all Jesus is doing in my life, and just want to shout it out in everything i do. i was so lost, depression, and from things that happended to me as a little girl, which should never have happned to any little child. but God is healing me, and just holding me through all the pain. if you read this poem, i hope it touches your heart. and please know that you CAN be forever in His arms, all you have to do is ask.

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