Apology Poems

Forgiveness Poems explore the oft painful process of granting clemency to those who have hurt us, as well as the burdens placed on those seeking to be forgiven. So many factors play into the psychology of forgiveness that the very notion can take up a semester length university course.

In our latest collection of poems, we explore that lonely state of contemplation when we ask ourselves, should I or shan't I?

We hope these poetic thoughts give you comfort as you undertake the process of forgiveness.


I hurt you yesterday
what a foolish thing
unthinking, selfish am I
now regret


The time is nigh
words exchanged
hearts drained of anger
rage is stilled
silence broken
reconciliation casts its net
the light is rekindled
but only
when forgiveness is sought
when forgiveness is wrought

Author of Unhappiness

I turned the pages yesterday
to an earlier chapter of my life
the chapter was called "our love"
It was a prescription for happy days
a recounting of joy
an ode to selflessness
a prelude to the next chapter
"our love lost"
a summary of deceit 
of deception
of forgiveness granted
of love never regained

What If?

What if she were untrue?
could I receive her?
trust broken 
bonds frayed
She must seek
but only I can grant
do I want to?
I'm not so sure
Perhaps I can 
but what is done is done
forgiveness does not beget reunion
though it might lead to consideration of such
Only I can make me believe in you again

On Forgiveness

Tis' easy to seek forgiveness 
granting it is another matter indeed
It requires a surgical precision
a careful separation of ego and reason
the forgiven remains suspect
the forgiver wary

Poetry by Alan L. Loren

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