by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

Why do I hurt so bad?
My love destroyed now I’m mad
I try to say he didn’t care,
it’s my life it isn’t very fair
You made me so very sad,
I lost the love we once had
All I wanted to do is hold you,
now I’m lost and blue.

Everyday is the same as today,
Tears make for a long day
All I wanted was hugs and a kiss,
It’s you I really miss
I asked you please don’t go,
You said you’d be back I know
Everyday I ask God why,
Why oh why did you have to die?

I know you loved the color green,
You were my man a marine
Now when flowers bloom,
I will pick them for your tomb
With honor you died for us all,
You responded to the call
I will find a way to live,
May God help me to forgive.

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