Forgotten Self

by Akemi Mizuki

"Say, what lies beyond the horizon?
What lies beyond the galaxy?
What lies beyond this window?
What lies beyond this door?

What should I be expecting,
Once I set out and fly?
Towards an unknown land.
Could I even escape my fate?

Someone once told me,
'A light shines in darkness,
Making flowers bloom in wasteland,
And hearts journeying across the sky.'

Say, what does it feel to be blind?
What does it feel to be deaf, lost, forgotten?
What does it feel to want to die?
What does it feel to lose everything?

I don't know who I am,
Why I'm here or where I am.
All I know is that I'm waiting.
All I know is that I'm searching.

Waiting? For who?
Searching for what?
What have I lost?
Who am I waiting for?

I can't understand.
These pieces just don't seem to connect.
As if, they weren't meant to be together.
As if, I don't need to remember.

Where is it?
The pieces I need,
To know the truth,
To know myself.

Say, Could you tell me,
What are you seeing right now?
What can you hear? Feel? Taste?
What's in your life?

What do I look like?
What do I sound like?
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?

I'm blind for I can't see.
I'm deaf for I can't hear.
I'm lost for I don't know where I am.
I have forgotten who I am.

Thrice, I lost my voice.
Twice, I lost everyone.
What should I cry for when I die?
If everything I have is now gone?

It seems like time's up.
I have to go, they're calling me.
Say, do you now know me?
Enjoy life for me please."

In a blink of an eye,
The person vanished.
Memories came back,
Leaving me with tears of regrets.

I now know who you are.
Just like a mirror in my heart.
You're right, I'll enjoy life.
Goodbye, to myself.

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